Proficient Security’s vision has introduced technology to the construction manned guarding market. We have been innovating for over 15 years in the CCTV Industry.

Protect your construction site with SIA Licensed Security Operatives from Proficient Security, backed by our industry-leading service team.


  • 360° Auto-tracking Cameras
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) CCTV cameras provide 360-degree continuous HD video monitoring, meaning intruders are identified early and tracked until responders arrive.
  • 5G Ready Data Transmission
  • Fast and secure transmission to our monitoring station for a rapid response.
  • Low Light Technology
  • Audio Alerts
  • 7m Telescopic Mast
  • Unrivalled full range coverage with infrared technology equipment and providing a highly visible deterrent to intruders.
  • IP Rated Component Box
  • IP (Ingress Protection) rated housing with slide-out tray for easy component access.
  • Up to 200m Range
  • For unrivalled CCTV coverage and maximum security.
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Minimises false alarms and unwanted activation.
  • Remote Access
  • Allows rapid adjustment to your mobile CCTV tower from any location.
  • Ideal for recording clear images and video.
  • Save videos in ultra-sharp quality to maximise security.
  • Intrusion Detection
  • To identify perimeter breaches.
  • 4Tb Hard Drive
  • Storage is not a problem.

Static Site CCTV systems

Proficient Security provide Static Site CCTV systems. The systems consists of up to 16 cameras with Artificial Intelligence features, a 4TB network video recorder, an alarm sounder, and a dedicated comms cabinet. It is a fixed and budget-friendly system suitable for compounds, laydown areas, and similar sites.
The cameras have a coverage and detection range of 40 metres. We can provide monitoring through our in-house monitoring station. Daily remote checks also ensure the best performance. Optional upgrades to the A.I. features are available as well.
The CCTV system’s static cameras and Network Video Recorder (NVR) provide Artificial Intelligence features and deep learning capabilities such as Virtual Tripwires, Area Intrusion Detection, False Alarm Filter, Smart Motion Detection, and Low Light Technology.

Each year the construction industry in the UK is victim to approximately £800 million of losses thanks to vandalism and theft, according to a report from insurers Allianz Cornhill.


Their study shows that these huge losses are derived mostly from the costs of hiring replacement items, replacing those same items, business lost as a result, and increases in premiums from insurance companies.

The Chartered Institute of Building’s 2016 study on Crime in the Construction Industry reports that, of the 1,100 professionals surveyed from the construction sector, 21% had suffered theft the week they were surveyed. If that wasn’t bad enough, a massive 92% reported that they suffered from theft on an annual basis, with many experiencing it on a weekly or monthly basis!

Reported in the same CIOB study, 91% or participants surveyed stated that they had been the victims of vandalism. Fences and locks may put off the casual intruder, but to deter hardened criminals and prevent serious equipment damage, a CCTV Tower is essential.

Assessment – Our Operations Team survey each new proposed site location, so that each individual client site requirements are tailored specifically to ensure we provide adequate effective coverage.

Further to our site survey being completed, a member of our Operations Team will schedule a suitable time slot for a return visit to discuss any particular concerns you might have, with a view to also agree on a route and schedule for the security operatives to patrol. Together we will also identify various assets and concerns within the agreed route of patrol.

Each Patrol including our observations are logged. Any incidents/occurrences are documented and reported to our Control Room.  Our Operations Teams will review and then report back to you, our client.

Proficient Security is driven to become one of the UK’s most recognised and accredited security providers.


Our security operatives are licensed with the SIA, vetted to British Standard BS 7858 and checked against the DBS database.


Our security operatives  operate under BS 7499,  which is specific to security guards.

Our security operatives will meticulously record all data as they perform agreed and site-specific assignments. Any potential incidents or issues are logged in the appropriate record book and time-stamped.

Proficient Security takes quality of service seriously. We are just as meticulous with our supervision.


We perform unannounced site visits regularly to ensure the service you receive meets the high standards we set for ourselves.

Proficient Security boasts UK wide coverage and can quickly arrange a site a survey followed by deployment of security guards to your site.


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